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FCC-Registered Antennas

This example demonstrates the capability to manage thousands of plotted markers while still maintaining some degree of usability.

Depending on the zoom level, different markers will be plotted. At level 3, only a small minority of the total markers will be plotted; at level 6, a larger portion will be plotted; and at level 8, all markers will be plotted.

The map adjusts which markers are plotted as the viewport is changed so as to improve performance. This enables the map to handle thousands of markers much better than it would otherwise handle them. Be aware, however, that your browser may still throw a script timeout warning on some of the larger states.

Choose State:   (No state selected)
Zoom Level: 0
Number of plotted markers: 0 / 0
Disclaimer: This data was retrieved from the FCC's Antenna Structure Registration database. The addresses apply to location of registration applicants and therefore may not match the physical location of the antenna. Note that not all registered antennas have geocoordinates.
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