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On this site you will find links to a handful of web pages showcasing certain technologies that our company implements. For now, we have posted some examples of what is possible with Google's Maps API and client-side scripting.

Google Maps Demos

This map implements a "drawing" interface that lets the user plot out a border on the map, which can be exported in a KML file to another application. It shows the power and flexibility of the API, in addition to its capability of integrating with external data sources.

Again dealing with polygons, this map mimics a drag-and-drop interaction with shapes placed on the map.

This map demonstrates one possible way of dealing with hundreds of thousands of data points. In this case, the data points are separated by state and the visual markers are selectively drawn and un-drawn so as to minimize the performance impact from handling so many points.

Somewhat similar to the border drawing map, this map allows the user to plot out lines, but adds functionality that mimics a "snap-to-point" behavior that allows the user to tightly couple polygons and points on the map, thus allowing polygons to share clean borders. There is also an option to export the data to a KML file.

This map integrates a simple color swatch with the map interface.

In order to demonstrate the ability to create and save a customized set of map data, this map uses cookies and session variables to track annotations on the map.

This map draws an overlay of the 48 contiguous states that allows each state to detect clicks.






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